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Foster homes provide the best possible transition to a permanent adoptive home by allowing the rescued animal to adjust in a home environment. We have a home that has had over 30 fosters ranging from kittens to Rottwiellers and everything in between. If you ask them why, they would tell you that it gives them special pleasure to assist these animals with a new start on their life. By fostering rather than adopting they are able to assist many rather than a few. They also have pets of their own.

If you are interested in being a foster parent, contact our Adoption Coordinator or complete a Foster Application. When we receive your application, our Adoption Coordinator will contact you to continue the process.

There is no specific time rquirement to foster. Many of our fosters move to their new home in a short time. If you would like to help an animal get a new start on life, contact our adoption coordinator for any additional questions you may have. WAG provides food, medical care, crates and training as needed. We may ask that you take your foster to the vet or for training if needed.

This is Hannah, left in a parking lot to fend for herself. Somone picked her up and contacted WAG.
HannahAfter repeated searching for her owner, we placed Hannah in a very loving new home who will see to her needs from now on. Every year wag assists hundreds of NH aniamls in need. We need foster homes for many of these. Fostering is a gift to give a dog or cat a second chance at a happy life. They say thanks by giving unconditional love.

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