Our Mission:

Founded in December of 1996, W.A.G. is an all volunteer animal rescue and adoption organization based in Weare, NH.  We are dedicated to providing humane care and shelter for abandoned, abused and unwanted animals, finding them suitable new homes, and increasing public awareness on the responsibilities of pet ownership.

How We Operate:

WAG operates without a physical facility or paid staff. Our animals are in WAG approved foster homes until a suitable adoptive home is found. We use a detailed application and interview process in an effort to make the best match between the animal and an adoptive home.

  • All W.A.G. pets are current with shots; spayed or neutered if appropriate and have been thoroughly examined by a vet.
  • We work with pure breed rescue organizations to find homes for our pure breed friends.
  • WAG utilizes many forms of media including the web to spread the word and fulfill our mission.
  • Our operation is funded entirely by donations. W.A.G. is a 501 (c)(3) non-profit corporation. Here's are some ways you can help.